About Us

Kuryem app was established by Kuryem Technology inc. to serve in the logistics sector, with its experienced executive team in the field of courier, software, and business. Kuryem is a new generation logistics chain that brings together carrier companies and corporate and individual customers who benefit from this logistics service.

Wherever you are Kuryem is there!

With Kuryem, the same-day delivery experience is waiting for you at the most affordable prices! Your individual or corporate packages will be delivered safely with Kuryem. Kuryem will be at your service 24/7 with the courier closest to you.

The new generation of logistics technology is at hand, with its new interface and unique user experience designed to make life easier for users.

Nearest Courier To You!

! Wherever you are, Kuryem’s couriers are there! You can see the couriers that are closest to you on the map and create your post without wasting time. The closest courier to you will be at your door as soon as possible!

Creating a Post is so easy! 

Creating a post with the Kuryem application is now quite easy! Follow the steps for each shipment type, choose your vehicle, determine the point of departure and arrival, benefit from the best prices, and follow your shipment live! Delivery with my Courier is that simple!

Kuryem is with the Companies!

Complete your same-day deliveries in one go with the collective shipment! Moreover, you can also benefit from fixed price or regional pricing with company-specific agreements.

Quick and Easy Register! 

It is very easy to register and log in to Kuryem! Write your phone number, enter the confirmation code and you can benefit from Kuryem’s new generation logistics technology.

Take Advantage of Affordable Prices! 

Kuryem offers safe and fast delivery at the most affordable prices.

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