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With Kuryem, Distances Become Close!

With Kuryem, you can easily and safely deliver all your shipments on time from our mobile courier application or our website.

How Can You Benefit from Our Secure Courier Service?

Fast, safe and easy

Identify pick-up and destination points.
Shipment type and
identify the tools.
Easy to pay,
send with confidence

Start creating a shipment!

Create your shipment, choose your specific vehicle type and enjoy fast delivery.

Moreover, you can easily access our reliable courier services from our website or mobile application.


When you need it, we are at your service instantly with our motor courier, pedestrian courier and vehicle courier fleet.
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Safe Transportation

Our courier carries all your shipments safely.

Easy and Secure Payment

Kuryem offers easy and secure payment options.

Favorable Price

Kuryem offers you the best price for all your shipments and carries your shipments safely.

Fast Delivery

We know the importance of intraday delivery. That’s why we safely transport all your shipments in the fastest way possible.

Customer Service Support

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Akın Öztürk (Sumo Media)

As an agency, we have been working with for about 4 years. It was difficult to find both a fast and corporate structure in the courier sector before this. But with Kuryem, we reached both a fast and economical solution. We have never encountered any errors in our hundreds of shipments so far. We highly recommend it to all companies that are looking for speed and cost.

Selin Karasu (My Melekin )

We have been working with the Kuryem family for about 2 years. We are so satisfied that it is very important for us to get immediate feedback on every issue and to solve the problems immediately. I wish our work to continue.

Levent Durubal (TheRain)

Thank you Kuryem on behalf of our company! They always support us in solving problems quickly and responding immediately to our urgent requests. For this reason, we prefer Kuryem. Thank you again.


What is a Courier? What does he do?

The main task of the courier is to safely transport the products received from the sender and deliver them to the recipient. In the transportation process, the most appropriate method is selected according to the characteristics and size of the product being transported.

How Courier
How to be?

Although being a courier seems like an easy process, there are various conditions for being a courier. So, how do you become a courier? What steps do you need to follow to become a courier?

Courier Equipment
What are they?

Courier equipment are tools that enable the courier to work safely while providing delivery services. This equipment is also known as courier personal protection equipment.

Do you have a question?

What is my courier?

Kuryem is a new generation smart logistics chain that brings together carriers registered in the system with individual and corporate shippers.

On which platforms can I use Kuryem?

Kuryem is available on both iOS and Android mobile devices. At the same time, all transactions can also be realized on the website Create a shipment now to try the new generation courier service!

Is my courier safe?

Yes, all the carriers we work with are carefully selected. It has an experienced team working in accordance with the rules of confidentiality.

Why should I use Kuryem?

Kuryem offers you the fastest and most economical solution for all intraday deliveries. You can send from an address you are at or from a point where you want the purchase to take place to any address you wish within the same city with the vehicle you will request. In this way, you can handle your business with Kuryem without wasting your time.

Can I send everything with my courier?

Yes! Kuryem is not a simple motor courier service! With different vehicle types of Kuryem, you can deliver the shipment to the address you want in any size you wish. Don’t worry if you don’t have detailed information about shipment sizes. You can find the necessary information for each type of shipment in the app.